Since its release on February 20, 2023, we have achieved sales of 2,000 units for our one-of-a-kind umeboshi, which has exceeded our expectations with an unexpected surge in popularity. This umeboshi has captured everyone’s attention and has become quite addictive.

Umeboshi is a traditional preserved food in Japan made by pickling and drying ume (Japanese plums) with salt. It has a sour and salty taste, and is widely enjoyed as a rice or onigiri (rice ball) filling, as well as a snack with alcohol.

When it comes to heroes in Shizuoka, the one that stands out the most is undoubtedly Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu! He is the most familiar historical figure among Japanese people.

In the past, there was a plum tree in Sunpu Castle, and many people admired its beautiful color and fragrance. Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu personally planted and nurtured this precious plum tree.

During the Edo period, the plums harvested from Sunpu Castle were pickled, and it was a tradition to offer them to Toshogu Shrine, where Lord Ieyasu rests.

We have now recreated the sour plum that was loved by Lord Ieyasu as “Sour!! Ieyasu!!”

We have stuck to the sourness above all else.

One bite of this plum and you’ll make a face without even realizing it!

In some cases, you might even cry~!

But for those who love sour things, it’s irresistible!!

Come and experience the sourness for yourself!!

Sourness level: ★★★★★

We patiently waited for the highest quality Kishu Nankou plum to ripen and fall off the tree before carefully preparing it. The result is a soft, luxurious umeboshi that was once a delicacy only enjoyed by the nobility and other high-ranking officials. Now, this same premium-quality umeboshi is available at an affordable price for anyone to enjoy!

Our umeboshi are made the traditional way, with only natural and healthy ingredients. We use salt and dry them under the sun, without any added preservatives, artificial colors, or other unnecessary additives.

Sales locations

In addition to souvenir shops, they are also available at famous stores in Shizuoka city.

  • For those who love extreme sourness, and especially for sourness lovers who want to become heroes!
  • Some people use it for various purposes such as:
    • To wake up in every sense
    • To change their outlook on life
    • To refresh themselves
    • To take it easy on lunch preparation
    • To enjoy rice to their heart’s content
    • To drink heavily tonight
    • To get pumped up before an important business meeting
    • To stay awake while driving
    • To challenge their potential
    • To accomplish something
    • To show their cool side to their lover or crush
    • To wash away the tears of a broken heart

We hope that our umeboshi can be enjoyed by various people in various situations.

After enjoying the delicious taste, you can use the remaining box in these ways:

Get the power of Lord Ieyasu’s aura!! Use the box as an accessory case or small item container!!

The golden armor worn by Lord Ieyasu was famous for its dazzling golden lacquer and gold leaf decoration. It must have been quite fashionable and conspicuous even on the battlefield.

By taking a cue from Lord Ieyasu’s artistic and gorgeous side, your accessories will surely shine and sparkle as well!

*We do not recommend using the accessory case in public. For some reason, it looks cheap.

Make your money multiply on its own!? Use it as a coin purse!

Tokugawa Ieyasu is said to have been the wealthiest person in Japanese history. With direct control of 4 million koku of land and a total of 8 million koku for the Tokugawa clan as a whole, he controlled all of Japan’s gold and silver mines.

He had all the gold and treasure that everyone desired!!

He was a real billionaire!!

If you follow in the footsteps of Ieyasu’s wealth, your loose change is sure to multiply!!

  • Be careful not to put too much change in it, or the bottom may fall out.

If you tape the bottom, it will be less likely to fall out, but it will look very cheap. We don’t know why this is, but it is true.

Urn the tide of the battle!! Play Othello!!

Ieyasu Tokugawa had a record of 51 battles with 31 wins, 13 losses, and 7 draws. He personally led his army in only two defeats: the Battle of Mikatagahara and the Siege of Inui Castle, which is an impressive record.

As a skilled strategist and general, it’s no surprise that he was known for his prowess on the battlefield.

With determined faces, the players try to flip over each other’s pieces, wondering who is attacking and who is defending.

It’s hard to tell who is winning or losing until the end of the game, which makes it exciting.

The pieces are all the same color, so it can get confusing, but if you think of it as a mental exercise, it can be a fun challenge.

Recommended for parties!! Umeboshi Tower!!

Suppa!! Ieyasu!! Carefully stack them one by one.

Just like the life of Ieyasu, if you take one step at a time, you can climb to the heights that reach the heavens.

In a world of war, Ieyasu achieved the great feat of unifying Japan. Why not try to see yourself in him?

*Take a bite of one piece and realize that life is not that sweet.

If you’re interested in using these boxes in this way, we welcome bulk purchases!!

You can try to emulate this legendary figure by playing Othello.